Projected 2012 Los Angeles Angels Lineup

Wow. Pujols to the Angels for a quarter of a billion dollars. I didn’t see that coming. His favorite color must be red. To say the two signings they made today changed their team is an understatement, but since we’re having fun here, let’s try to guess what their 2012 lineup might look like.
AB Runs  HR   RBI   SB   AVG
1 Erick Aybar  SS  515  82 10 46 23 .285
2 Howie Kendrick      2B 540 80 15 64 12 .300
3 Albert Pujols 1B 570 106 42 114 8 .319
4 Torii Hunter RF 520 82 20 86 11 .268
5 Bobby Abreu DH 480 68 10 58 17 .256
6 Mike Trout LF 430 58 18 59 18 .274
7 Chris Iannetta C 360 46 16 49 2 .246
8 Alberto Callaspo 3B 500 52 8 54 6 .290
9 Peter Bourjos CF 480 52 13 58 28 .268


I don’t run their team so let’s not get to the subject of Vernon Wells. Until I could get rid of him I’d make him the highest paid 4th outfielder in the league. With the age of their team I think it’s imperative they let guys like Mike Trout play. He’s ready.

Maicer Izturis gives them great flexibility in their infield, an infield which will get more homers from Pujols in a week than they’ll get from the other 3 in a month.

Kendry Morales and Mark Trumbo need to be on a bus out of town as they give the Angels two great trade chips, potentially for another bullpen arm or a spot 6th starter pitching prospect. If Pujols needs a rest it’s easy for Callaspo to slide over to first.

The Angels have a rotation of Jered Weaver, Dan Haren, Ervin Santana, and now CJ Wilson. I’m guess their 5th might be Jerome Williams. That’s excellent. Plus, their bullpen of Jordan Walden, Scott Downs, and Rich Thompson is good enough, but I do think they’ll flip Trumbo for bullpen help.

The Angels will be a team that will run the bases well, quickly fixed their OBP problem, and added the best hitter in the game. That’s what you have to do to compete with the Rangers.

What do think think of the new Los Angeles Angels lineup?

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